I am

Martin Stemmle

, Indie-Developer, Freelancer, Co-Founder
and Digital Nomad based in from 🇩🇪 Berlin.

I mostly focus on iOS and Mac apps. However, I am open to all sorts of cool new stuff.

I like to divide my work into three scopes

Focus is always changing back and forth from time to time.


As a freelancer I focus on native iOS development, however I am also open to new opportunities. Check out my skills and tools I am familiar with as well as the apps & projects I have been part of the team.

Get in touch if you are looking for developers for your next awesome project.


I have always enjoyed building things. By learning how to write software and build apps in particular I have opened up a whole new world for that.

For my own projects I mostly look for ideas that can be build rather easily by still creating something useful (and eventually even valuable). Furthermore the projects have to be maintainable as a side project on my own.

However, I am also open to join or contribute to (open source) projects if they are appealing to me. That being said, feel free to get in touch about any projects.

Start-Up: iShowtimes

One easy API for worldwide movie showtime listings, ticketing links and movie meta data.

Coming from a failed B2C case of building a unified plattform for selling cinema online tickets in Germany, we have changed our mission to provide the greatest API and data for showtimes not just in Germany but globally.

If you were to put any of the typical start-up roles on me, I would consider myself to be the hands-on CTO in the five heads team.