👋 Hi, I'm Martin

I'm an IT-guy living in Germany 🇩🇪 .

These days I'm mainly playing freelance gigs in teams. However, I also have a bit of a solo career as an Indie App Developer.

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Client Project: Apr.2019 → Aug.2021

Role: Lead Developer, DevOps, hands-on CTO


One easy API to worldwide movie showtimes listings, ticketing links, and movie metadata.

Role: hands-on CTO

  • Ruby on Rails REST API
    • Cloud Hosted with Horizontal Scaling
    • Background Jobs and dynamic number of worker servers
    • Database: MySQL, MongoDB, Reids
  • Node.js based Tools and internal Micro Services
  • Hosting


Foody is your personal diary for keeping track of your food and symptoms you may experience from it.

  • Native iOS App
  • Realm DB
  • React Native Android App
    • with Native Extensions e.g. for PDF Export
    • Realm.js DB

Online shop for florist supplies and decoration.

Client Project: Feb.2020 → ongoing

Role:IT-guy / Supporter


Nomad Bingo Game

The ultimate bullshit bingo game for talks at digital nomad meetups and conferences.


Fun project in React Native & React Native Web

Countdowns Apps

Countdowns keeps track of days left until or since important events in your life. The widget allows you to see all those events at a glance just one swipe away.

  • Native iOS & Mac App
  • Today Widgets
  • CoreData Storage
  • CloudKit Sync


Dein persönlicher Vermögensmanager für die Hosentasche.

Client Project: Jan.2017 → Oct.2017

Role: iOS Developer


Kitchen Stories

Kitchen Stories adds the whole world of cooking to your pocket. Find delicious recipes with beautiful pictures, easy-to-follow step-by-step photo instructions, recipe videos, and clever how-to videos and more.

Client Project: Dec.2014 → Jul.2015

Role: iOS Developer

  • Objectiv-C
  • watch OS 1


My first app I have built. Arrange appointments more easily. Simply share a proper extract of your calendars. Available for Mac OS X and iOS.

  • Objectiv-C App iOS & OS X
  • don't remember much more ...